Careers at Mortgage Marketplace

A career with a forward thinking business

A career at Mortgage Marketplace is rewarding, fast-paced, friendly and challenging .

As a team we all carry modern values – from our approach to honest, high quality advice, to our respect for the environment and support of our communities.

Below is a snapshot of who we are as a group of people and a business. You can also get to know the team a bit more here.

High quality Leads

No need to bring clients over or generate your own leads (unless you want to!).
We work hard to bring our advisers all the high-quality, warm leads they need, with an easy platform for managing them.

Unlimited Commission

A generous and unlimited commission structure, bonus opportunities, and competitive salaries are just some of the ways excellent work is rewarded at Mortgage Marketplace.

4 day week options

Optional four day work week contracts.

Hybrid Remote Working

Work from home with agreed office days.
Flexibility to maintain that important work-life balance.

Employee Shares Scheme

Share in our collective success.
Get shares in Mortgage Marketplace after just 2 years with us.

Be Climate Positive

Our team's carbon emissions are offset with the help of Ecologi. We fund tree planting and renewable energy across the world.

Continued Development

Our full support for team members to develop their career with training modules,
1-2-1 mentoring, further qualifications and more.

Ideas are for sharing

We're an open minded bunch. So if a team member has an idea of how we can improve things for clients or the team - we welcome them! No need to shy away from speaking up here.

We are currently hiring for...

+ local perks from our friends at Bristol247, great work socials, home-working setup installed for you, friendly atmosphere and more…  

Mortgage Administrator

Full Time
£22,000 - £26,500 starting salary
+ all of the above benefits and options

Accounts Administrator

20 hours per week
Salary dependent on experience
+ all of the above benefits and options

We welcome applications from contractors for this role.

Registered Individuals

Become a registered individual with us, utilising our brand and systems.
Learn how to generate high quality leads for Standard Mortgages and Equity Release.

A word about 'Blind Hiring'...

‘Blind Hiring’ is a way of hiring that eradicates the potential for bias on the grounds of race, gender, age, nationality, sexuality or anything else that we all know shouldn’t matter.

A candidate’s personal and identifying information is blocked out from the application form and doesn’t become known until the interview stage.

We pride ourselves on the diversity of our team already, and strive to be fully inclusive and diverse as we continue to grow. We want to hire on merit, with fairness and transparency.

And that’s why we use a blind hiring system.

Submit your blind application below

At this stage we won’t ask for your name, or anything else identifying.

Recruiters – please do not use the form below.

Meet the team!