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What are Bridging Loans and how do they work?

A bridging loan is a type of short term property backed finance. Bridging is often used to fund you for a period of time whilst allowing you to either refinance to longer term mortgage or sell a property. Bridging loans are usually offered for between 1-18 months, with the loan repayable in full at the end of the term. There are many situations where bridging loans may offer a viable funding solution, but here are just a few:

Beat the competition

Secure a property quickly before it is snapped up by another buyer – even if you have not yet sold your current home.

Mortgage Chain Issues?

Secure your ability to buy even in the event that the home buying chain breaks down – for example, if the sale of your old house falls through, bridging finance can allow you to still have sufficient funds to purchase the new house.

Buying an auction property?

Use bridging finance to pay the required percentage needed to secure the property on the day of the auction.

Need to move fast?

Get a fast, temporary cash injection when you most need it during the property purchasing process. The ability to move quickly can make the difference on any property transaction.

Development Finance

If you are buying property to redevelop and you need finance to get your project off the ground, then a bridging loan could help make the difference.

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