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Product Transfer

Although this may at first appear the easiest option, most High Street lenders offer their best rates to new borrowers, so when you complete a product transfer, you could end up paying more each month for your mortgage than you need to.


Lender’s want your business and will offer you their best rates to secure it. Most lenders will offer you a free valuation and legals package, so you can easily compare what your current lender is offering compared with what’s available in the whole market.

Let's make it happen

From start to finish, we will manage your product transfer or remortgage. We won’t ask you to complete any paperwork or forms – we do that! You can track your application online 24/7 and we will send you regular email and text updates.

Product Transfers

Arrange a new product with your current lender

If you’re coming to the end of your current deal, your current lender will almost certainly offer you a product transfer. At first, this may appear to be the easiest option and your lender knows this and the rates they offer on product transfers will be not be as competitive as deals for new borrowers.

Before you decide to complete a product transfer, let us research the Mortgage Marketplace for you. You will almost certainly be offered a free valuation and free legals package and we’ll manage the entire process for you. Switching lender, could save you a considerable sum of money.

Switching Lenders

It’s now really easy to switch lenders and you will almost certainly get a better deal than doing a product transfer with your current lender. You’ll be offered a free valuation and free legals package with most lenders. Switching lenders, could save you a considerable sum of money.

There is no paperwork required when switch lenders, we’ll look after everything and keep you in the loop at all times.

Moving Home

If you’re moving home, it is possible to port your current mortgage to your new home, but effectively it’s a completely new mortgage application which have to be fully underwritten.

Moving home is a good time to review what all lenders will offer you on a new deal.

At the Mortgage Marketplace, we will research every ULK lender to make sure you get the best possible mortgage for individual circumstances. Its not just about the headline rate of interest the lender is offering, we compare the tur cost over the initial rate period and the full term of the mortgage, the results may surprise you.

Further Advances

If you’re looking release equity from home, you may be able to complete a further advance or arrange a second charge mortgage often called a homeowner loan.

We’ll compare what your current lender will offer you on a further advance compared to what a homeowner loan would cost you.

Whatever option you choose, at the Mortgage Marketplace, we can manage the whole process from start to finish.

Applying for a mortgage? Your credit score is crucial, take a look at this video.

When you apply for a mortgage, your credit score is crucial in getting your mortgage approved.

Your credit file also tells your lender your payment history and what you currently on your mortgage and all your credit agreements.

We will complete a full analysis of your credit file before you apply for your mortgage, guaranteeing no surprises.

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How much can I borrow?
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Sofa Why the Mortgage Marketplace?

From the moment you call the Mortgage Marketplace, you’ll discover that we are different. We’ll quickly explain your mortgage options and email you a personalised mortgage illustration we are recommending.

Before you apply, we will make sure you qualify for the mortgage we are recommending, so you can be confident your application will be successful. We will never leave anything to chance.

You can track your mortgage application online 24/7, upload and review documents safely and securely and message the individuals who are managing your application.

No Broker Fees

Competitive & Transparent Fees

We will complete all the initial work on your mortgage application at our expense. We charge an application fee of £395.00 on all mortgage applications once your mortgage has been agreed with the lender. We also charge a broker fee once your mortgage offer has been issued, this fee will vary depending on the type of mortgage you have applied for, a full list of our charges and fees can be reviewed by clicking on the following link:

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